German Cockroach Treatment


German Cockroach Problems?

It's important to act quickly when seeing German Cockraoches, these insects breed very quickly and can soon turn into a major infestation as seen above if left untreated.  

This client had used another Pest Control Company to treat previously with little results, at Buzz Off Termites we aren't about naming & shaming our competitors however we are astounded by clients using other companies, sometimes several times and paying for every visit only to be told they cannot fix the problem!

If you are looking for effective results, call the Team at Buzz Off Termites today, we have great success with eliminating German Cockroaches in 1 (yes one) single visit, unlike some of our competitors who will tell you follow up visits are essential or you must commit to a "pest control program", we use the best chemicals & apply effectively to combat this problem which is not only unsightly but unhealthy for you & your family, call us today & book your solution, you'll be surprised with our results and fees.

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