About Us

As a family business, we have learned the hard way when it comes to termites and this is why we decided to enter the industry.

We had never even thought of termites, let alone regular termite inspections, until one day my lovely wife showed me an unusual mud like substance inside our built-in wardrobe. We then spent the next five hours researching possible causes and everything pointed to termites. We couldn’t believe it! “It can’t be!” After a sleepless night, we called someone to take a look.

The next day all was confirmed – coptotermes! We were very lucky they hadn’t caused much damage but to this very day we both remember the stress, worry and concerns we had over the two days of not knowing what was going on in our home.

When we say “we really do care” it’s because we do. We don’t want other families going through the anguish we did, so we decided we can help!

Peter & Pauline Booth – Owners of Buzz Off Termites