Scratching Noises In Your Roof? 1 in every 5 roof fires are caused by Rodents, rats or mice gnawling through electical wiring.See pic below from a recent Rodent Treatment, you can see just how close rats have been to wiring in this roof void by the number of... Read More
$AVE $100 WHEN COMBINING A GERMAN COCKROACH TREATMENT WITH A GENERAL PEST TREATMENTWe recommend Treating your home as soon as possible when sighting German Cockroaches, these very unhealthy critters are introduced into the home usually in a used appliance, or some other item brought... Read More
End Of Lease Pest Control... Who is Responsible?Your Rental Agreement is a great place to start, if an End of Lease Pest Treatment is required it will be documented in the Agreement.In many cases it will be to ensure the home is ready for the new Tenants or... Read More
A WARNING TO PEOPLE WITH POSSIBLE TERMITE ISSUES...  CHECK OUT WHO IS CHECKING OUT YOUR TERMITES! Last week we were contacted by a concerned Woodcroft resident whom had... Read More
Spring is such a beautiful time of year when we can start enjoying the outdoors once again, so now is the perfect time to ensure your home is protected from common insects, such spiders, cockroaches, wasps, ants, just to mention a few.Spiders are commonly fund hiding under childrens... Read More
We really do care!  At Buzz Off Termites our #1 priority is you, our valued clients, we want you to build a relationship with you & be able to offer our quality, effective services year after year.  We are pleased to introduce a... Read More
At Buzz Off Termites we offer a superior service in the field of Strata Pest Solutions from our competitors, we really do care! How we can prove "We Really do Care!"...- We offer FREE site inspections with a FREE no obligation Quotation and customise service for your... Read More