German Cockroach Pest Control Blacktown

German Cockroaches are an indoor pest. They are normally introduced when bags, boxes or even used appliances are brought into the home with the insects inside. They are usually found in kitchens, infesting various appliances, which can result in the total failure of those appliances - not to mention the health issues of insects crawling on food and utensils.

Adults are approximately 15mm in size and are tan in colour. It is vital to treat as soon as possible to  prevent an infestation as these insects mature and bred very quickly, which is why we recommend you act as soon as possible, before these critters take over your entire home.

Our German Cockroach Pest Control Blacktown is very thorough, using the best products available which are designed, registered & targeted for German Cockroaches. At Buzz Off Termites & Pest Control we only use the best chemicals on the market, there has been advances in they way we treat German Cockroaches & we successfully eradicate this pest on the first visit! Unlike other companies, re-treatment in 4-5 weeks is not required (unless a severe infestation has taken over).