Possum Pest Control Blacktown

There is nothing worse than sleepless nights due to a possum running around in your roof. On top of the noise and smell,  the damage can be costly.

We come out to your home, inspect your roof, and will proof any area where we can see an entry point for the possums.  If there is evidence of other entry points we will discuss this with you, as it may require the attention of a builder or handy man.

For a complete Possum Pest Control Blacktown we then set a cage trap (will not harm), leave all repaired entry points and return the next day. Normally if a possum is hiding in the roof it will enter the cage and we will remove it for you, and your pest control problem will be solved!

Please note: You must have a Possum Licence issued by National Parks and Wildlife to remove possums, they are a protected species & must be handled correctly.